How to Style a Bow Tie

Pre-tied bow ties are available for emergency, but that is all they should ever be – a last-ditch replacement for a regular bow tie. Whether your 7-year-old is serving as a ring bearer at a wedding or whether you're the groom. Any man or boy who wants to look their best in any setting should learn how to tie a bowtie.

Instant Sophistication

Few accessories give their wearers the level of elegance and sophistication that bow ties do. Bow ties get you noticed and make a bold statement about your dress sense and self-confidence. In most cases, bow ties make you look more approachable.

Bow Tie Fashion Rules

Bow ties let you express your personal style in a unique way. However, just be careful to follow a few fashion rules:
  • If you choose a bold bow tie, wear it with a muted shirt so that your overall look doesn't clash or come off as too busy.
  • Don't be afraid to show a little attitude. The bowtie doesn't have to be perfectly symmetrical. In fact, the perfect knot is a little lopsided. It shows individuality and adds to your outfit’s personality.
Learning how to tie your own bow tie helps you achieve the jaunty style of a fashionable ingenue or sophisticated man.

What Suits and Outfits Look Great with Bow Ties?

Canadian bow ties enhance your outward appearance and show the extra effort you’re putting in to distinguish yourself. Knowing how to style your bowtie impacts how others perceive you. Whether it’s in a professional or personal capacity, it's important to know what to what suits and outfits complement your bow tie.
Here are a few ground rules to steer you in the right direction:
  • Bow ties are excellent accessories for black tie and white tie events.
  • Bow ties were made for tuxedos and formal wear for weddings, proms and other life events.
  • Match the fabric of the bow tie to the event. For example, casual events and everyday wear calls for cotton, linen or seersucker, while silk or wool suit more formal gatherings.
  • The versatile bow tie pairs well with both double-breasted blazers or single-breasted jackets.
Wearing a properly tied bow tie creates a very different look on suits and jackets, and some men can even get away with wearing them with no jacket — although this look requires a lot of confidence and a well-thought-out wardrobe strategy.

Other Advantages

Bow ties require less fabric, so they are less expensive than regular ties and easier to store and organize. They are also easier to clean, and it's less likely you'll spill food or drinks on them given the shorter length.
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