How to Wear Suspenders

For the discerning, suspenders still represent the only real method of holding up trousers. These devices also help make a statement about the person who chooses to wear them along with their casual or formalwear. However, when wearing suspenders, there's a right way to do it.

Why Wear Suspenders

Before you start wearing suspenders, it can help to understand why you would want to wear them in the first place. Some of the major benefits include:

  • They're comfortable and don't cinch the waist
  • They help to keep shirts from bunching or riding up
  • They come in numerous styles
  • They help with posture and circulation

Suspenders offer both form and function and are a versatile, welcome addition to any wardrobe. They can help clothing look better on people without drawing attention.

Belts are accessories that can also serve multiple purposes. Wearing both a belt and another accessory designed to hold up trousers can result in a high level of unfashionable redundancy.

Still, belt and suspenders are a viable option for some, but this choice is not very common. In most cases, you should choose one or the other for any particular outfit. Belts can sometimes work where other options cannot, particularly when you want to create focus in a particular area.

How to Wear Suspenders

Suspenders come in a variety of styles, sizes and configurations. The rules for how to wear suspenders have a lot more to do with choosing the right ones than it does with any kind of special technique:

  • Choose buttons over clip-ons when possible
  • Choose pants with no belt loops when possible
  • Choose the ones with adjustable lengths
  • Wear them with pants that need them

In most cases, men attach suspenders to the back of their trousers before putting them on. If the trousers don't have buttons for them, clip-ons or clamps may be necessary. These hold the waistband of the trousers securely to prevent them from falling down. Others attach to the belt loops.

Trouser Rise

The rise of the trousers can also help dictate whether suspenders will work well or not. Low-rise trousers are not suitable. For anything above low-rise, they will work their magic. This is because properly fitted trousers want to sit at or above the waist, and suspenders help achieve this.


Suspenders used to be considered underwear. Generally, especially with formal wear, these accessories should have little to no visibility. A quick peek as you move about or adjust your jacket is okay.

In more casual situations, it's okay to have them showing, depending on what kind of style you're looking for. Novelty suspenders exist, as do ones with designs meant for full visibility. Nevertheless, these accessories exist to perform a task, and you should bear this in mind. As fashion items, they may be a little too subtle for your look.

Some like to wear suspenders as a fashion statement, and in that case, it's essential to wear them openly. However, about often does a better job of showing off since belts have a higher level of visibility. Belts also come in various styles, which help to draw attention.

Finding the right suspenders isn't always easy for some. A little trial and error can become necessary until you figure out what works best, whether you prefer button-ups or clip-ons.

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