5 Suit Accessories Every Man Should Wear

It’s safe to say that at Tip Top, we love suits. We love summer suits, winter suits, modern suits, 3-piece suits. But we also love the accessories that complement our suits.

They can add the right amount of charm to your already razor-sharp outfit. Plus, if you don’t want to exclaim “look at me”, suit accessories are a great way to incorporate a dash of colour without drawing everyone’s attention.

Let’s check out some of our favourite, and essential, suit accessories.

Neckties and Bow Ties

Who would have thought a mercenary’s wardrobe from the 1600s would become such a fashion staple?

Indeed, its origins lay with Croatian mercs who would tie a scarf around their neck. France’s King Louis XIII would eventually adopt this look - he fancied their killer style.

With that, your suit deserves a touch of royal class. Look to classic patterns to add a bit of dimension to your outfit - think paisleys and geometric patterns.

Then there’s the gentlemanly favourite, the bow tie. Sharing a similar history to its longer brother, the bowtie is still seen on some of the most dapper men in fashion.

For formal occasions, solid colours create the opportunity for colour-blocking. This works especially well when paired with a matching pocket square.

Pocket Squares

The humble neighbour to your necktie, the pocket square will help bring some colour to your suit.

The great thing about pocket squares is that you can make one out of anything. So if you have an heirloom handkerchief from your grandfather, you may be able to turn that into a pocket square. Bandanas are also welcome.

Just be sure that it coordinates with the rest of your outfit. Our in-store team will be able to help you build the perfect ensemble.


Back in the day, shirts weren’t made with sleeve buttons - they were fastened with pieces of ribbon. Which is a bit odd, considering the rest of the shirt had buttons.

Ponderings aside, we are grateful that this led to the innovation of cufflinks. Not only do they keep your french cuffs secured and fastened, but they also add a bit of prestige to your outfit.

You’ll look dashing while also expressing your personality.

Tie Clips / Tie Bars

Much like the pocket square to the tie, the tie clip/bar is the brother to the cufflink. Both add refinement to any outfit while bringing a touch of high fashion.

Bonus points if your tie clip and cufflinks match.

Tie clips and bars serve a functional purpose, as well as aesthetic. It keeps your tie fixed against your shirt, preventing wrinkles and unexpected movement. You’ll always look your best, even in an impromptu selfie.

The difference between the tie clip and tie bar is that the clip has a spring mechanism. While a tie bar is slotted, sliding over your tie and under your shirt opening, using friction and prayers to keep it together.

Here’s some additional tips for wearing your tie clip.


Keep your pants on, man. The belt may be one of the most quintessential accessories in the entirety of a man’s wardrobe. But not all belts are the same.

Opt for a slimmer belt than the one you wear with jeans. And remember that your belt should match your shoes.

The great thing about a well fitting belt is that it will break up your profile, making you appear taller and slimmer. Or you can be like our favourite Canadian anti-hero, Ryan Reynolds; “I don’t like wearing belts with [my suits]. It should be tailored to [my] body.”

Ditch Excess Accessories

This list of suit accessories is to get you started. There are many other suit accessories out there, like suit scarves.

The key to suit accessories is finding the pieces that match your personality and fashion sense.

Like we’ve mentioned in the past, if you don’t like it, even if it looks good, you’ll never wear it. And we hate the idea of wasting money.

The best way to know if a suit accessory is right for you is to come into one of our Tip Top locations across Canada. And don't forget to bring in the suit you’re going to wear it with. This will save you headaches and mismatched outfits.

Only supplying the best in suit accessories, Tip Top has been helping Canadian men look and feel great since 1909. Feel free to shop online or swing by one of our 80+ locations across Canada.

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