Sport Jackets - A Wardrobe Essential

As one ages, their wardrobe must evolve in its level of sophistication. During childhood, our clothes could be overly simplistic. As we get older, we should grow more mindful of the subtler differences between clothing items. For example, differentiating between sport coats, suit jackets, and blazers is a classic fashion mix-up. Knowing the difference is vital to helping save you money and embarrassment in the long run.
Out of the three, sport coats are the simplest offering. These single-breasted jackets come in two different types: two-buttoned and three-buttoned. Sport coats have the roomiest fit out of the three. Earlier iterations of the sport jacket have their roots in hunting and gamesmanship. Thus, it only makes sense that contemporary versions of the garment allow the same range of motion. Sport coats are also the sturdiest of the three. The materials they come in (houndstooth, flannel & tweed) allow its wearers to be more adventurous with how they layer the item. It allows its wearer to explore a greater variety of options with their outfit choices. Without a doubt, sport jackets are usually the most eye-catching. Several offerings are multi-patterned. Additionally, they can include slits, ticket pockets elbow patches and pleats.

What do I pair with a sport jacket?

With its unmatched versatility and its ability to add an air of suaveness to any casual look, you’re probably wondering, “How do I craft the perfect outfit with my sport coat?” Well, we’re glad you asked because we’ve got the answers.

What trousers do I wear?

Thankfully, sport jackets don’t require the same level of formality a suit jacket would. Therefore, finding a pair of pants in the same hue and fabric isn’t that crucial. In fact, you could even rock one with a pair of jeans. However, at Tip Top, we recommend that you opt for a darker wash. Darker jeans just seem dressier and retain a level of formality that lighter jeans do not. This is especially true when they’re paired with a dress coat.


The footwear you choose largely depends on the color and type of trouser you have worn. For example, when wearing on jeans, you should go for more casual shoes such as dress boots, slip-on loafers, or even double monks. When it comes to darker and more formal trousers, we at Tip Top recommend tassel loafers or black bluchers shoes.
If you are a style-risk taker, then Stan Smith Adidas would be perfect sneakers to go with the sport coat and jeans. These shoes will infuse your outfit with some attitude and playfulness. Moreover, these sneakers are much comfier than the earlier options we gave. If you are after a failproof look, then you cannot go wrong with this tassel shoe. It has decorative stitching and a magnificent front rope that matches the dressy aesthetic of any pair of slacks that you own.
Given the sport jacket’s versatility and stylishness, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite among stylish men worldwide. Whether you’re going for an understated, lowkey look or a floral print jacket tickles your fancy, a sport jacket will complete your look.
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