The Modern Suit: More Comfortable Than You Remember

Modern suits - the latest iteration of a menswear staple. It features all the innovation that you love in your technical clothing but with a classic look.

For some of us growing up, we associated suits with stuffy and starchy. Something exclusive to our old man and his old man.

The gag-worthy smell of moth balls and musk was enough to deter the idea of wearing a suit all together.

But what we’ve learned from shows like Suits and Mad Men, is that you can look damn good in a suit and be comfortable doing it.

One doesn’t make power moves when they feel awkward!

“You button up into one of those suits…, I feel confident. I feel put together. I feel great-looking.”
- Jon Hamm in GQ, Mad Men -

How is a Modern Suit Different?

Modern Suit Materials

The most noticeable difference is the material. Suits were thick and hard-wearing, using wool, mohair, tweed, and corduroy.

The reason being? Everything was bespoke and expensive. That’s the way most things were back then, even jeans.

Seeing how they wanted their suit to last a long time, the durable option was often the one chosen.

“I often take a brand new suit...and throw it against the wall a few times to get that stiff, square newness out of it.”
- Fred Astaire -

Luckily today, we have access to affordable suits available off the rack that can be tailored to fit you. This critical difference is one of the reasons why you can trust an incredible price at Tip Top.

There is a whole swathe of materials suits are being made in today. This means we can also help you find a more affordable option.

Wools blended with polyester are popular. You get the breathability and warmth of wool but the flexibility of polyester. Cotton and linen are often blended with polyester and/or viscose/rayon for summer suits.

Modern Suit Fit

Another big difference is fit. Most old-school suits were boxy, considering the material and its multifunctional nature.

So, because we ran away from rough and rigid materials as fast as Usain Bolt, we had to find a modern option.

Luckily, innovation gave us many highly flexible choices, so we could actually run in them. But not like Usain; no one can run like Usain.

But you can dress like him.

These innovations have resulted in the ability to make durable suits in slim and flattering fits.

Modern Comfort at Tip Top

Having a timeless look can lead to memorable moments amongst colleagues, friends, and in photo albums.

But there’s no point in looking good if you feel awkward in your clothing. Even tennis and Grand Slam great Roger Federer had to get comfortable wearing suits;

“I felt very uncomfortable in suits when I was younger, so what I just started doing was wearing suits when I was going to dinner. I used to overdress a little bit so I got used to wearing suits. Now wearing a suit is like wearing a tracksuit for me.”

Our mission at Tip Top is to make sure that you dress with confidence, by looking and feeling great. Anything other than this is unsatisfactory.

We work with you to get it right, down to the innovative materials found in each one of our suits. Come by and see what we have in store!

Only supplying the best in menswear, Tip Top has been helping Canadian men look and feel great since 1909. Feel free to shop online or swing by one of our 90 locations across Canada.

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