Wedding Attire as a Guest | Comfort From the Ceremony to the Reception

So you find yourself invited to a wedding 3 hours away from home, on a really nice estate property. Sure, it’s exciting to be attending this high-profile wedding but what are you going to wear? You don’t want to pack a duffel bag to change outfits throughout the day - from the ceremony and the reception.

Even if you're close to home, wouldn’t you prefer the convenience of wearing one outfit the whole day? At Tip Top, we prefer it when men buy what they need, by offering them multi-functional outfits.

If you find yourself wondering what to wear and don’t want to have an Elton John wardrobe change mid-show, here’s some tips to keep you comfortable throughout the wedding season.

Understand the Wedding Dress Code

This is for both physical and mental comfort. It’s so important we even wrote a full article on the subject.

Being able to understand the dress code is critical to dressing for the occasion. If you don’t follow it, you may stick out and take attention away from the newly weds (ie. be the focal point of pictures). The bride and groom chose the dress code with class and comfort in mind.

If you find yourself going to a wedding with “cocktail attire” in the middle of July, you can ditch the tie and wear a lightweight khaki suit.

Find the Right Fit

It’s always a good idea to have great fitting clothes. But it’s even more important if you’re going to be in them for a long period of time. That’s why guys who work in construction need good boots; the same thing applies to your suits and shirts.

Avoid suits or shirts that are tight; this reduces breathability and will lead to excessive sweating. On the other hand, if your outfit is too big and baggy, it’ll come across as sloppy and careless. Finding the right fit serves both a functional and confidence-lifting purpose.

If you need a bit of help finding the right fit for you, come to one of our over 80 locations across Canada. Our staff will measure you up!

Comfortable Materials

Finding the right material is another key element to a comfortable wedding experience. When combined with the right fit, you may be the coolest one in the party.

If you’re attending a summer wedding, look for suits made of lighter materials.

Find materials with a natural base like cotton, linen, or a thin wool; they promote breathability and sweat-wicking. Polyester-blends give a bit of stretch, increasing your freedom of movement and comfort all day.

For winter weddings, wear darker, thicker wool suits to keep you warm while also keeping you dry. If you’re attending a casual wedding, you can forego the suit and wear a merino sweater with an oxford shirt instead.

Choose Comfortable Wedding Shoes

You’re going to be in the same pair of shoes all day, unless you have the type of family that walks around barefoot.

So today is not the day to be breaking in a new pair of shoes.

Find your comfiest pair of dress shoes that you’ve worn over the last year or so, with its perfect broken-in goodness. Give them a little sprucing up beforehand with Jason Markk shoe soap or a suede eraser. Let them dry and finish with mink oil for leather, or conditioning spray for suede.

Since they’re already contoured to your feet, you have zero worries about corns or blisters...but we take no responsibility if you dance through the soles.

Dressing for a Canadian Wedding

Living in Canada means that we have to contend with seasons and temperamental weather - some things can’t be avoided.

If you’re attending a summer wedding, you’re going to be hot - put a bandana or Japanese tenugui in your breast pocket to wipe your brow. No judgement from us if you want to use a mini-fan, but we can’t speak for your relatives...

If you’re attending a fall/winter wedding, wear a merino sweater as an extra layer under your suit, or rock a 3-piece suit.

These simple tips are going to help you survive another wedding season, sweat-free. Enjoy the festivities - it may be your turn next!

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