Own the Moment, Own the Suit | Buying vs. Renting a Wedding Suit

To rent a suit or not to rent a suit? That is the question we will be answering today in Tip Top’s wedding blog.

Anyone remember Blockbuster Video? You could rent movies for a couple days, worry-free. But then came Netflix, which gave you access to movies 24/7. This spelled death to the video rental biz.

The same can be said about suits. If you rent a suit, sure you can save money upfront, but you won’t have it on-hand. And if that suit rental business goes out of business, you’re out of business.

Many men think that renting a suit is the best option for them on their big day. But a birdie isn’t a hole-in-one. It scores but it’s not perfect.

If you want to make an impact and look great in photos, nothing beats a tailored suit, made to fit you. Only you and not thousands of other men.

If you’re still on the fence between renting and buying your wedding suit, here are some pros and cons.

Does Renting a Wedding Suit Save Money?

It depends. The average price of a suit rental ranges between $100-200, compared to the suits available at Tip Top that typically range between $200-500.

Depending on how often you plan on wearing your suit, you can easily start saving cash after the second or third wear.

Do Rental Suits Look Just as Good?

If you buy a suit from Tip Top, we guarantee that you will achieve the best fit every time. That’s something that can’t be promised with a rental suit.

Rental suits were made to be long-lasting and durable, to survive years and years of abuse. They don’t look or feel as luxurious as most people expect from suits.

You know what else can put up with that much wear? A Carhartt Detroit jacket.

Since it’s intended to fit a wide population, the sizing tends to be more general - and it definitely looks that way.

A rented suit may be a little loose in the chest, long in the body, boxy in the shoulders, and generally not that flattering.

But if you don’t care that much about how you’ll look in pictures, or want something to appease family tradition, a rental will do fine.

Is Renting a Wedding Suit Convenient?

No. Despite the fact that a lot of rental companies have an online mail service, it’s impossible to rent the exact size you need without someone taking measurements.

Some suit rental companies offer a back-and-forth mailing option, where you receive your suit selection in the mail and decide if you like it or not. If you don’t, you mail it back and repeat the process until you get the right fit.

Which seems a little burdensome for something that’s done in a single visit at Tip Top.

When it comes to returning the suit, you often have to mail it or return it to their location within 24-48 hours of delivery, which is an absolute pain if you plan on going on your honeymoon right after, or if you’re exhausted/hungover/excited from your wedding day.

Once you own the suit, there’s no worry about losing a security deposit or having to return it.

Plus, if your newly-wed wife wants to go on an impromptu date in the future, you can throw on a suit… or you can tell her to wait a couple days to get it in the mail.

When is it Good to Rent a Suit for Your Wedding?

If you’re a dynamic dresser and change up your look regularly, then renting a suit can help with any wardrobe commitment issues. It’s also great if you want to try something loud and outlandish, which can be a lot of fun for themed weddings.

Another advantage of renting a suit is if you’re fluctuating in body weight. Whether you’re bulking up in the gym, or slimming down, going towards a tailored option may not be the best for you.

If you’re planning a wedding last minute, or on a tight budget, renting a suit can also help you stay on track.

Rental suits serve as a band-aid solution, but owning solves the problem by always having formal wear at the ready.

Commit on Your Big Day

If you’re still wondering if you should buy a suit, just come into one of our locations and talk to our staff. Trying it on in person is the only way to truly understand how the suit will feel.

Check out a couple wedding options to give you an idea for the big day. And don’t worry, there’s no commitment to trying on a suit or two. Getting married is already stressful - this is the easy part.

Conveniently located across Canada, you’ll see and feel the difference. Make every picture shine - even if you annoy your bride a little by stealing some attention away from her!

Since 1909, Tip Top has been helping Canadian men look and feel confident. Feel free to shop online or come by one of our 80 locations.

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