Prom is Back in Canada! | The Best-Dressed Goes to…

For over 2 years, Canadian society has been put on hold - but prom is back y’all! Celebrate the last moments of high school with your classmates in person. And in style!

All fear of a virtual prom is gone. And even though there won’t be any Stranger Things cameos, you’ll look great with your graduating class.

Judy Man, an Ontario student said to the Globe and Mail; "We've spent four years together, we've had the same struggles and we've seen what everyone has gone through together… We're excited to celebrate that we've made it."


Your school's prom committee is already thinking about how to make your prom memorable. But getting hyped is only half way there. You must execute the dopest promposal and prom entrance conceived by man… or at least your high school.

Around here at Tip Top, we’re all about the fits. So if you need help with your promposal, you’re going to have to check here. We like the donut one… or maybe we just like Tims. Coffee is the only thing that keeps us going some days - prepare for a life of perpetual exam prep post-grad.

All the more reason to celebrate before jumping into the next chapter of your life. Here are some things you need to consider leading up to the big prom!

Pre-Prom Planning: Finding Your Outfit

Last minute outfit shopping isn’t going to cut it.

One, you want to match your date and leaving it up to fate isn’t a good idea. And two, you won’t be able to get it tailored, often leading to an awful fit.

By giving yourself some extra time, you can work with a tailor. And you’ll be able to figure out the vibe you and your prom date want.

Maybe you want something a bit more casual? Or maybe formal?

Whatever option you choose, giving yourself more time is always less stressful - leaving less chances to piss your date off.

“Hey, babe. Remember when I said I was going suit shopping? Soooo… that didn’t happen. Yes, yes, I know prom is tomorrow… I was thinking about wearing khakis…” *click* “Babe? You still there?”

Don’t reenact this scene. Get your suit early and get the suit that you want. Who are we kidding? The suit your date wants.

Getting Ready

This is all about the details. Did you get a fresh cut? How’s your suit fitting? Do you need to iron your shirt? Did you remember to hire a camera man and a limo?

Staying Fresh at Prom

While you’re killing the dance floor, you’ll want an outfit that can keep up. Make sure that your suit and shirt are made of a 4-way stretch material. Like these from G Grafton.

The only thing that should be holding you back is the budget DJ your school cheaped out on. Good thing a budget isn’t anything you need to worry about: for a limited time, when you buy a suit from us, you can grab a shirt and tie for $20.23.

Here’s another bonus feature: most of our 4-way stretch suits are also wrinkle-resistant and stain-proof. Nothing will stop you on prom night.

After Prom Party

If you’re heading to an afterparty, you might want to bring a change of clothes. Something simple and minimal will keep you sharp.

A simple bomber jacket, dark denim, and crew neck sweater is all you’ll need to cut through the evening chill.

If you’re planning on rocking your suit all night, go for a 3-piece ensemble - ditch your jacket when it’s really time to let loose.

Post-Prom Recharge: A Notable Night

What makes prom great? Letting loose with your graduating class. And it’s even better when you’re comfortable the whole way through.

The best way to maintain your energy is to have an outfit that you’re confident in; one that feels like it was made for you. Head over to your nearest Tip Top and we’ll show you affordable options that’ll fit your budget and your style.

We’ve been helping Canadian prom-goers for over 100 years! Make it everything that you were hoping for - and every pic a perfect one!

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