Prom Styles

There are a lot of significant events that occur in every man's life. Typically, they're defined by the stage when they occur: celebrating your first birthday, getting your first car, and of course — that really awkward dance in high school with someone that you consider special.

The easiest way to make a long-lasting impression is to dress memorably. You only get one shot, after all. The first step is picking the right suit. This is your vehicle: your '67 Camaro or your cherry red Corvette. Before deciding which suit to pick, remember that your suit should reflect your personality. Are you someone looking to make an impression with a bunch of colour? Or would you rather take a classic, straight-forward approach?
Sometimes a smooth, elegant design works best for the perfect men’s prom suit depending on your body type. In your case, a glen check suit might work best for your tastes. Perhaps a bright sheen to complement your smile is what you’re looking for? In that case, you can’t go wrong with a slim fit pastel. If you just want maximum comfort with maximum personality — this floral jacquard jacket is perfect for you.
Like a fresh coat of paint, the men's prom jacket is crucial to crafting the final touches on your sleek new look. If indigo blue doesn’t work for you, there’s always this fully-lined grey. Of course, no proper suit combo is complete without a snazzy looking tie. From floral to gingham, to camo — there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect accessory to complement the perfect night.

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