Proms are Back! The Return of In-Person Moments and Memories

Well, it’s official: proms are back! COVID had us all locked down, hybrid, away, locked down again, and stressed out. But we can finally get back to some remnants of normalcy.

It’s been a tough 2.5 years - and sometimes, we’d rather forget it. But you know what? “When things go wrong, don’t go with them,” said Elvis.

This is more than just an ordinary prom - this is a celebration of life and re connection! There’s definitely more emotion this time around; we’re just happy to be back together again.

Prom attendances were struggling, even pre-pandemic. On a personal note, we were worried that proms would disappear altogether - a big bummer since some of our favourite memories were from this high school closing party.

And when else could you give someone a wearable croissant?

The early 2010s had articles abound mentioning “8 Reasons Why Prom Isn’t a Big Deal” and “Is Prom Worth It?” But now, all we want is somewhere rooted in connection and community. And prom is historically one of those places - heck, the whole reason it even came into being was to work on social skills.

Arguably, the societal pressures of what a “proper” prom looked like was one of the biggest deterrents - and we support proms that can span the spectrum of expectation.

Going to prom solo? You should. Want to wear something that bends gender norms? We can help you put it together.

And prom is a great excuse to hangout with your peers! You went through 4-years together, half of which was very unexpected and digital.

Dress up and dance the night away - you’ve earned it.

Picture Ready

Often one of the most unappealing aspects of getting dressed for prom are the expectations. But au contraire, mon frère. We’ve seen some incredible casual looks that rival any stuck-up, staunch, hoity-toity tuxedo.

One of our favourite looks is a slim suit with a turtle neck or t-shirt. Classic and calm at the same time. White sneakers finish the look.

If you’re in the mood for something even more contemporary, try out one of these modern suits. Timothee Chalamet is known for wearing the unconventional - you can whip one out too.

Check out here for more casual looks.

If you are interested in a tux, try a modern style that’s made of modern materials. They often include stretch, stain resistance, and breathability. You deserve the best - and the old school rental just won’t cut it.

Plus, it’s cheaper.

Prom Returns: A Time to Remember

Prom isn’t what it once was - it’s much much more. And even though the time old tradition can feel a bit antiquated, it doesn’t mean it’s not special.

Just check out this story of the girl that went to four proms! But also take her sound advice,

“[Prom was] built up to be one of the most important nights of our lives, and because of that, we spend too much time preparing and not enough time actually enjoying.

I wish I spent more time taking photos at the dance, talking to my friends and creating memories of people instead of accessories and shiny satin.”

Or in your case, suits and ties. Focus less on shopping; more on your promposal and afterparty. One of the best ways to do that is to swing by Tip Top.

Come by one of our 80+ locations across Canada and save on a dress shirt and tie - $20.23 when you buy a suit!

Prom these days is about modernizing a classic tradition. And that sounds like what we do at Tip Top, every day.

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