Six Must Have Accessories to Wear With a Suit

A suit is an essential part of any man's closet. Just as important as the suit itself, is the accessories worn with it. The right accessories can revive an old look, add personality and flair to an outfit, elevating it to a new level. Keep reading for the top six accessories every man should consider wearing with their suits. 

1. Neckties

Except for casual events, suits are almost always worn with ties. However, the tie doesn't have to be boring. Neckties can come in various colours and patterns. Consider wearing a brightly-coloured tie to liven up a standard suit. Always keep the occasion in mind. Subtle geometric patterns are appropriate for the office while a neon necktie might be a more fun choice for a social gathering.

2. Pocket Squares

It's our humble opinion that pocket squares aren't utilized as often as they should be. This accessory adds a touch of detail to the suit that can round out an entire outfit. For example, coordinate socks, tie, and a pocket square to match in colour to create a theme for the outfit.

If the suit is a neutral colour, a pocket square can be used as a stand-out piece with exciting patterns or colours. Or, match a statement tie with a subtle white or blue pocket square. The tie and the pocket square should always work together, not clash.

3. Cuff Links

Cuff links are a very subtle accessory choice. Not everyone will notice this detail in an outfit, but it can be a fun expression of personality. Cuff links come in a variety of shapes and designs, and can be personalized with things like your initials. This is a great accessory choice for the man who doesn't like to be over-the-top or dramatic.

Make sure your dress shirt is suited for cuff links. At Tip Top, we offer a variety of dress shirts with convertible cuffs, allowing you to go from casual to formal in no time!

4. Tie Clips

Another subtle accessory is the tie clip, also called the tie bar. Many men own several ties, but have no clips to accompany them. While tie bars are muted accessories, they have the opportunity to be unique. Tie clips come in a variety of materials and shapes, allowing the wearer to pick fun designs. This fashion accessory also has the added benefit of being functional. A tie clip keeps the tie from being wrinkled, without damaging it.

Often, tie clips and cuff links are sold in sets.

5. High-Quality Belt

Any seasoned wearer-of-suits knows that a belt is an essential feature of the outfit. The wrong shoes and belt combo can make any outfit look strange. The right-coloured belt helps to break a man's profile in half, making him appear taller and slimmer. The colour of the belt should always match the colour of the shoes.

A cheap belt can wear down and result in cracks, causing the entire suit to look cheap. After investing in a suit, it's crucial to extend the budget to high-quality accessories. Invest in a high-quality belt that can be worn with multiple suits.

6. Colourful Socks

When a man chooses the right length on his suit, his socks will show when he sits down. So, the socks must go well with the entire outfit. Socks can be a fun accessory, with bright colours or interesting patterns. And, socks are often an opportunity to add some dramatic choices to an outfit without it being overwhelming.

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