5 Habits of a Well-Dressed Man | Fashion Tips

Regular habits are something we all need to consider. Yes, even Fashionable Fiends like yourself.

They help us navigate everyday hindrances that slow us down, saving time and minimizing mistakes. That includes your wardrobe routine.

By starting each day on the right foot, you’re ensuring a great impression, whether that’s at a job interview or a first date. And dressing well invokes trust.

Here are 5 fashion and lifestyle tips to help you feel great and be your most confident self.

Well-Dressed Habit #1 | Take Care of Your Clothing

People can tell if you care or not. The more you care about how you present yourself, the more they’ll respect your word.

Showing up disheveled leads to doubt.

It’s important to take care of your clothing. You’ve spent your hard-earned cash - don't kill your new garments by simply washing it wrong.

Until only recently, you needed to decipher an ancient hieroglyphic system to clean your clothes. Luckily in the present day, most companies write their care instructions in plain english.

That means, you won’t machine wash your rayon shirt when it should be dry-cleaned. Or put your wool sweater in the dryer when it’s hang-dry only. You won’t, right?!

It goes without saying, wash colours separate from whites. Unless you want a pink-white tee.

Well-Dressed Habit #2 | Organizing Your Closet

How great is it reaching into your closet and already having a perfect outfit ready? It saves time in the morning, while you’re still rubbing the gunk from your eyes.

Or maybe you want to get ready quickly because you’re running late.

An easy way to be efficient with your routine is organizing your closet. Maybe that means to colour code or section your closet by weather.

By putting your thick sweaters and wools together, you know where not to go for summer attire. If you’re in the mood to wear shorts, go straight to your warm weather section.

And commit a section to sportswear.

Another way to plan for an easier out-the-door process is to put your outfit together the night before.

Well-Dressed Habit #3 | Knowing your Measurements

Having a proper fit is important in making good impressions and feeling confident.

The ritual of shopping can often feel like it takes longer than it has to be. We spend most of the time trying clothes on and attempting to nail the fit.

To save time, know your size and have an idea of what fits you. You’ll be in and out of stores faster than it takes to tie a double Windsor.

Or full Windsor if that’s your style.

Our advice is to measure the clothes that fit you the best in your wardrobe. This will now be your reference point while perusing the racks.

Not sure how menswear should fit? Check out these guides on suiting, pants, and shirts.

Well-Dressed Habit #4 | The Importance of Accessories

Accent with accessories.

They add a smart touch and can bring an outfit together. But even if you’re a no-frills type of man, your everyday essentials can become wardrobe allies..

Sunglasses, watches, and belts are everyday items that can be used to sharpen your outfit. Finding items that make your life easier and more stylish is money well spent.

Well-Dressed Habit #5 | Confidence

Confidence is honesty and authenticity. Confidence is understanding what makes you comfortable, even if it’s dressing different to everyone else.

That’s why at Tip Top, you can find various sport shirt styles. Some as simple as plain navy to intricate watercolour-inspired, psychedelic prints.

We want you to express your individual style every day.

Habits Create a Fuller Life

With these fashion tips and habits, your daily ritual will be a little easier to navigate. You’re setting yourself to stress less over your outfits and focusing more on what you love.

And that keeps us motivated at Tip Top - helping men across Canada look their best on any budget.

By curating the best in affordable menswear, Tip Top has been helping Canadian men look and feel confident since 1909. Feel free to shop online or swing by one of our 80+ locations across Canada.

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