How Should my Sweater fit?

Sweaters are possibly one of the most versatile pieces in a man's closet. They can be styled up for work or business casual situations, or they can be entirely relaxed. With the holidays approaching, it might be the perfect time shop for a Christmas sweater or a cozy men's sweater. Uncertain which sweater to get? There are so many options between the material (fleece, wool, yarn) and the style (men's sweater vests, button-down cardigans, turtlenecks). First, consider each sweater's styling options before making a decision. Keep reading for a full breakdown of the top six sweater types and how to style them for any occasion.

Men's Sweater Vest

Men's sweater vests come in many varieties with zip-ups, button-ups, or pullovers. A button-up and a pullover are more appropriate for formal outfits while the zip-up is considered purely casual.

Use a sweater vest as a layer to add depth to the overall outfit. It's most common to wear a patterned sweater vest, which also serves to add depth. Consider rolling up the sleeves of the dress shirt to the elbow for a casual look with the sweater vest.

Crewneck Sweaters

Crewneck sweaters are also sometimes known as jumpers or pullovers. The crewneck is the typical style when someone thinks of a sweater: a simple sweater with a round neck. Usually, crewnecks come in cotton, but higher-end brands offer crewnecks made with wool, yarn, or cashmere.

Make the crewneck sweater part of a casual outfit by pairing it with jeans and simple footwear. Or, dress the crewneck sweater up with a dress shirt underneath. Make sure to keep the collar tucked inside the sweater for a clean look.

V-Neck Sweaters

V-neck sweaters are like the rebellious cousin of the crewneck. The V-neck shows slightly more, without crossing into the causal or informal territory. It's fashionable to pair the V-neck sweater with a shirt and tie underneath. Choose a tie with a pop of colour to make the entire outfit stand out. This option is great for work and provides a seamless transition to after-work events.

Turtleneck Sweaters

It takes a confident man to wear a turtleneck sweater. It's not overly common to see many men in turtlenecks, but if worn correctly, it's a captivating look. A turtleneck sweater makes the wearer appear slimmer and taller. Complete the look with a sleek overcoat and khakis.

Always purchase a turtleneck in the correct size. The sweater shouldn't constrict the throat or restrict the normal range of motion in the arms. Additionally, invest in a turtleneck sweater that is made entirely of wool can feel scratchy on the neck. Look for turtleneck sweaters made of 30-50% wool in combination with other materials.

Button-Down Sweaters

Nothing screams Christmas sweater more than a button-down cardigan. Many people associate the button-down cardigan with seniors, but it's made a significant comeback as a fashion trend. The button-down sweater is cozy and looks best when it's kept simple. Choose a simple black or gray button-down sweater for a business-casual look or one with fun patterns to be a Christmas sweater.

Bonus Addition: The Cross-Weave Sweater

As a bonus, let's discuss the cross-weave sweater. It simply doesn't get enough attention. This sweater is the perfect business-casual sweater that says, "here for a good time but going to keep it kosher." The beautiful pattern of the cross weave has a slimming effect. Pair this sweater with dress pants and a dress shirt underneath.

Some Sweater Purchasing Tips

Purchase sweaters made of quality materials, such as yarn and wool, so they last many years. Always start with the basics, getting sweater styles and neutral colours to pair with many outfits. After establishing a foundation of sweater fundamentals, novelty sweaters that are unique in colour, patterns or styling can be purchased next. Lastly, care for sweaters properly by reading the washing instructions. If buying quality sweaters, the chances are that dry cleaning will be the only option.

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